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for all self-financed / fee-paying students of the Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life Sciences in connection with the payment of tuition fees, payment reductions, other fees

From 2022/23 academic year, you may pay with bank transfer to collective account or bank card. Bank card payment turns “fulfilled” almost immediately, collective account payment might take days.

We would like to inform you that the deadline for the payment of tuition fees, for the autumn semester of the academic year 2022/2023, is midnight on 12th September 2022.

1. Steps of payment with bank card

For paying with bank card, first you need to enter: Neptun Student profile, Finance, Pay in menu.

Put checkmark in the space at the end of the selected item’s line, then press Pay in button (at the bottom of the page).  The System asks: Are you sure to pay the selected amount? Please, select option, YES. In the next step you can choose the payment method: Collective account or Bank card.

If you choose the Bank card option, then press Pay in button, The Neptun System will automatically direct you to OTP Simple Pay surface. Here you can add your bank card data or use OTP Simple Pay account or app.

The fulfilment of active item is almost immediate (3-5 seconds). Neptun system sends a note of fulfilment to your inbox. It is a fast and convenient way of payment

If due to technical problems, you were not able to pay by Simple Pay surface; please wait about 10 minutes and try to repeat your payment.

In order to speed up the process, we definitely recommend using a bank card payment! The University assumes no responsibility for possible disadvantages arising from late transfers via the collective account!

  1. Steps of tuition fee payment via bank transfer to collective account:
  1. Bank transfers can be made in person at the bank or via the bank's online interface. The amount paid will be transferred to your virtual personal joint account within approx. 3-5 business days.
  2. You can make a payment from your virtual joint account via Neptun System as follows: Finances – Payment – Filter terms – List items – Tick the Pay in box in Transcribed items – Select Pay in – Read pop-up window and select Yes – Select Pay from joint account (it is automatically selected) – Select Pay in

Tuition fee payment in EURO is only possible if it is transcribed in EUR on your Neptun. All other fees can be paid in HUF only. Please transfer all fees in the currency given on the transcribed item list.(HUF items in HUF, EUR items in EUR)

Please note: You can launch the transfer, however, due to technical issues, the money will appear on the Neptun joint account with delay.

Payment as a private individual:

Beneficiary's name: Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life Sciences/ Magyar Agrár- és Élettudományi Egyetem (MATE)

Beneficiary’s bank account number (student joint account) (HUF): 11784009-22234797-00000000 (Beneficiary bank: OTP Bank Zrt.)

Beneficiary’s bank account number (student joint account) (EUR): 11763842-00809885-00000000 (Beneficiary bank: OTP Bank Zrt.)

If you transfer from abroad in HUF, please use: IBAN: (HUF): HU0811784009-22234797-00000000

If you transfer from abroad in EUR, please use: IBAN: (EUR): HU9511763842-00809885-00000000


Mandatory content of the bank transfer reference (notice field): NK-XXXXXX Student's name

(after “NK-” XXXXXX is the Student’s Neptun code and the name is the Student’s name as registered in Neptun System).

If the student requests an invoice in his / her own name, the invoice will be made automatically by Neptun System.

The invoice can be found in Finances -> Accounts in Neptun System.

2. Requesting invoice for a company


IMPORTANT: If the student requests an invoice for a company, the transfer must be made to the University's central bank account!

The central bank account number of the University: 11784009-22234780-00000000

When transferring, please make sure to include the text requested in the "Other details" section of the completed invoice in the transfer reference (notice field). Example: + NEP +BANK ACCOUNT NUMBER+NEPTUNCODE

If your tuition fee is paid by a company, payment can only be made on the basis of an invoice. You can set the Payer of the tuition fee in your Neptun account (please do so by the 7th day from transcribing the item, otherwise the invoice will be generated for your own name). You can print or download the invoice in Finances – Invoices on the day after the invoice request.

You can check previously added partner organizations under the menu item Finances - Settings - Organizations.

You can add a new partner organization by clicking on New own organization, Add new own organization in Finances - Settings - Organizations.

Adding Payer to the given transcribed item (e.g. "Tuition fee 2020/21/2") is possible in menu item Finances – Payment.

  • Click on + button at the end of Transcribed items row,
  • In the pop-up window, select a Payer and the Organization for the type of payer,
  • Click on the button … (three dots) next to the Organization’s name, and then select the configured organization,
  • DO NOT tick the 'Request a transfer invoice' box,

then click on Save.

The generated invoice can be downloaded and / or printed from Finances - Invoices on the day following the invoice request.

The electronic invoice generated on the interface can only be modified by requesting it from the Central Neptun and Educational Organization Department by email

If a company pays a part of your tuition fee, it is possible to divide the transcribed item as follows:

Finances - Payment

  • Select the given semester and click on List button to display the transcribed items to be paid.
  • Click on the + sign at the end of the line, then select Share from the pop-up window.
  • Enter the first and second subtotals for which the system will break down the originally transcribed amount.
  • After sharing, the payer for each sub-total must be given separately.

Please note that sharing a transcribed item IS NOT a payment in instalments. Deadline for payment remains 12th September 2022.

IMPORTANT! If the tuition fee is not paid by the specified payment deadline (12th September 2022), a late fee (HUF 5,000) will be charged after the deadline.

Gödöllő, 19th August 2022

Ferenc Szalai
Director of Education
Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life Sciences
Educational Directorate

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